Genomic Imprinting and Epigenetics Meetings

1998: Genomic Imprinting Symposium

Durham, NC: Welcome to the Genomic Imprinting and Environmental Disease Susceptibility Symposium webpage. Over 150 scientists from throughout the world attended this 3 day joint NIEHS/Duke University meeting at the Washington Duke Inn, Durham, NC. Many people were unable to attend this conference because of time conflicts and space limitations. Therefore, we have placed the both the symposium presentations and abstracts on this webpage.

ORGANIZERS: Randy L. Jirtle (Duke University), J. Carl Barret (NIEHS), and Fred Tyson (NIEHS)

Invited Speaker Presentations

The following is a list of the Environmental Epigenomics conference speakers and their addresses, along with links to their presentation abstracts and recordings.

Attendee Presentations

Conference Sponsors

National Institute of Environmental Health SciencesDuke University Medical CenterDepartment of Radiation OncologyDuke University Integrated Toxicology Program